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  • Weibel comments on changing nature of understanding of COVID-19 but says recommendations mostly the sameWeibel comments on changing nature of understanding of COVID-19 but says recommendations mostly the same
    Our understanding of the novel coronavirus continues to change but according to emergency response coordinator for Bear River Health Department (BRHD), Mike Weibel says the recommendations remain primarily the same. “We want people to stay at home when they’re sick, we want people to cover their cough and to cover… Read more »
  • Cases of coronavirus in Idaho spike after businesses reopenCases of coronavirus in Idaho spike after businesses reopen
    BOISE, Idaho (AP) — For a time in Idaho, it seemed like the worst of the coronavirus pandemic could be over. After an initial onslaught of confirmed cases in the spring, by June numbers had dropped to a point that state leaders felt comfortable allowing businesses to reopen and life… Read more »
  • 564 new COVID-19 cases reported statewide; 27 are found in BRHD564 new COVID-19 cases reported statewide; 27 are found in BRHD
    LOGAN – The 27 new COVID-19 positive cases in Tuesday’s Bear River Health Department report include 17 in Cache County and 10 in Box Elder County. That means 1,751 positive tests have been recorded in the district with 1,557 in Cache County and 190 in Box Elder County, plus four… Read more »
  • Rape case against Providence man postponed due to COVID-19Rape case against Providence man postponed due to COVID-19
    LOGAN — The COVID-19 pandemic is further delaying the trial for a 23-year-old Providence man charged with raping three woman in 2017 and 2018. Wyatt D. Martin has been in jail since being arrested 21 months ago. Martin appeared by web conference during a virtual hearing in 1st District Court… Read more »
  • Campaigning during coronavirus, GOP ex-envoy falls shortCampaigning during coronavirus, GOP ex-envoy falls short
    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — As a once enormously popular governor, scion of a prominent family and ambassador under two presidents to America’s biggest global rivals, Jon Huntsman Jr. should be a political force to be reckoned with. But his comeback attempt fell short in a GOP primary as he… Read more »
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Q92 DJ's

Jeff Gomske

Jeff has been in radio for 28 years now and any moment, we figure he just might figure out what he's doing. He's been blessed to work in radio from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and of course, Utah. Most people have "jobs" but Jeff's philosophy is he Get's to go to work, he doesn't HAVE to. He genuinely loves broadcasting and cannot see himself doing anything else (he also has no other appreciable skills, so thankfully the radio thing has worked out). Jeff has a big family, being blessed with 3 beautiful and talented daughters along with 4 remarkably awesome sons and considers himself one of the luckiest people in the world. Jeff loves waking up Cache Valley with the help of what's-her-name...Loralee. It's a privilege getting to do what we do here and he is keenly aware that without you listening, the boss will fire him--with prejudice, so please, PLEASE, keep listening.


Loralee Choate is a reformed night owl who is thrilled to be working in morning radio. Before waking up the roosters, Loralee spent a decade working online as a professional blogger and social media personality and consultant. She gave presentations and workshops on social media and blogging and national conferences and has been featured on local and national media like CNN, The New York Times,The Deseret News, KSL, UPR, National Talk Radio, Parents Magazine, and went to the White House to discuss health care and parenting issues. She is also a classically trained opera singer that is well versed in playing witches, men, evil stepmothers, alcoholics, nuns, and women of ill-repute. 

Heather Bailey

t's amazing to say I've been a part of the Cache Valley Media Group family for over 20 years. (Where has the time gone?!)

My humble beginnings in radio were as a fill-in weather reporter for the local country western station in Manti, Utah, KMTI.  I would call from the campus of Snow College and give a small report of current conditions, etc., and was scared to death every time I was on the r.

After Snow, I continued my education at BYU, graduating in 1999 in Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in television news.  My first ‘real’ job was at FOX 13 in Salt Lake City, as an assistant assignment editor.

I married my tall, dark, and handsome husband in January 2000 and moved to Cache Valley.  It was here that my roots sank deep.  I will always consider Cache Valley home, even though I was born in Minnesota and raised in central Utah (Ephraim).

My days are kept busy with my tween twins, Wes and Kate, my blossoming not-so-little-anymore Sophia, and my all out rough and tumble caboose, Joshua. I love to read and research ideas about how to improve my family’s life, and seem to always be on some sort of kick about some-something.

Bill Logan

Aloha! Bill Logan is a Hawaiian native, but has traveled the globe working in radio. His unmistakable deep voice has taken him to Atlanta, Japan, Phoenix, Honolulu and more. Of all the places Bill has been, nowhere feels like home quite like Cache Valley. Bill has much love and respect for the people here, and we feel lucky to have him!


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